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Ambulance billing for the Brownstown Fire Department is handled by a 3rd party billing agency.  Spiwin Billing & Company located in Wyandotte, MI.  Any billing and/or insurance inquires shall be directed to them at 1-877-477-4946.                   

EMS Services

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Ambulance Billing

Requests for Copies of EMS Reports

All requests for copies of EMS reports can be made by calling our administrative offices at (734) 955-2600 or stopping into the office located at 24150 Sibley Road.  The office hours are Monday thru Friday 8am - 4:30pm.

In compliance with HIPPA regulations and departmental polices, the release of EMS reports can only be to the actual patient in person after showing valid ID, or may be obtained if you are the legal guardian of a minor, the legally appointed power of attorney over the patient, presentation of a death certificate or with a court ordered subpoena.  In all these cases proper documentation must be produced at the time of report pick up.  In some cases a 24 hour notice may be required to produce your report copies.

The Brownstown Fire Department provides the highest level of pre-hospital EMS services (Paramedic Level).  All department personnel from the Chief to the newest member are State of Michigan Licensed Paramedics.   Firefighter/paramedics have to continually train throughout the year on obtaining continuing education credits in order to renew their state licenses every 3 years.  In addition, they are required to maintain their CPR Professional level certification and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications every 2 years.

Brownstown Fire operates under the direction of the Wayne County Medical Control Authority,  Health Emergency Medical Services (HEMS).

Brownstown Fire uses the latest in EMS technology in providing EMS services to the community such as 12 lead EKG telemetry monitors, advanced video laryngoscopes for intubationand LUCAS automatic chest compression devices for CPR.

Operating under the direction and licensing of both the HEMS medical control and the State of Michigan,  Paramedic level services essentially bring the emergency room to your front door or to the scene of the accident, injury or illness.  Paramedics are permitted by protocols to preform many advanced medical techniques that are only found in the ER.  These advanced techniques have allowed for many field saves and/or quicker and more successful patient outcomes and recoveries.